Duncan Urges Small Businesses to Register for Local Reserve Program Online Qualifying and Registering at Local Small Business Reserve Program Website: January 2006

January 4, 2006

Emphasizing the importance of Montgomery County’s small business community, County Executive Douglas M. Duncan today urged businesses to register for the County’s new Local Small Business Reserve Program (LSBRP). Qualifying and registering for the program can be done online on the LSBRP website.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we have always made it a top priority to do whatever we can to help them grow and prosper,” said County Executive Duncan. “The success of this program is dependant on the numbers of local companies we can get qualified and registered. This new website is user friendly and will walk the business people through the process and answer any questions they may have. We will continue our outreach efforts to try and ensure the local business community is fully aware of this new program.”

The LSBRP program, which went into effect January 1, 2006, ensures that all County departments set aside (with specified exceptions), a minimum of 10 percent of procurements for small businesses. In addition, it also provides for the web site posting of procurement opportunities and the on-going marketing and evaluation of the Program.

The Program defines small businesses based on specific industry. For example: wholesale businesses less than 15 employees or $2 million in gross sales; retail businesses less than 15 employees or $2.5 million; manufacturing companies less than 20 employees or $7 million; service companies less than 25 employees or $2.5 million; and Construction companies less than 25 employees or $7 millions. Businesses must be independently owned and physically located only in Montgomery County. Broker and subsidiary businesses are not eligible for this Program. Companies will be able to determine if they qualify by answering the questions on the website when they go to register.

The Program is self-certifying, meaning that registration is based on information the businesses provide. The burden of responsibility rests with firms registering. Providing false information is likely to result in contract termination and ineligibility for future contracting with the County. After a business successfully registers for the Program, it will immediately receive an e-mail informing it that it has successfully self-certified its firm for the Program. The business must have at minimum this verification to bid on County work designated “Local Small Business Reserve Program”. Individual County Departments will decide what work is to be designated within this program. The new LSBPR web site will have links to all procurement opportunities posted on the County’s Procurement Office website. Companies will be required to re-register each year to ensure that they still meet the program qualifications.

For more information and to register for the program, visit the LSBRP website or call the Montgomery County Dept of Economic Development at 240-777-2000.

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