Wheaton Public Safety Task Force: 2006


The Final Report of the Wheaton Metro Station Area Pedestrian Safety Evaluation has been issued by the Maryland Department of Transportation. The Report contains numerous recommendations to help reduce conflicts between vehicle traffic and pedestrian circulation in downtown Wheaton. It was prepared to help address a variety of pedestrian-traffic safety concerns occuring in older suburban areas that become more urban.

The Report is now being evaluated by a task force made up of representatives of the Wheaton Redevelopment Steering Committee and the Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee. After reviewing the task force recommendations, the two committees will forward recommendations to the County Executive concerning priorities for implementing the study recommendations.

The Wheaton Public Safety Task Force, a group of residents, business people and County staff convened by the County Executive, recently submitted its report with a number of recommendations to improve safety issues in Downtown Wheaton. The Wheaton Public Safety Audit report will serve as a master plan for all current and future safety concerns in Wheaton.

Arts and Entertainment Task Force

Recently a new task force was created to bring visual and performing artists to Wheaton. The Arts and Entertainment Task Force The Arts and Entertainment Task Force is seeking to enliven the arts and entertainment atmosphere in Wheaton. In addition, the Arts and Entertainment Task Force is creating a network of visual and performing artists and entertainers who live or work in the Wheaton/Kensington area to help shape the vision for Wheaton with the arts as part of Wheaton’s redevelopment, share information about local arts activities including exhibits and performance opportunities.

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